What We Do

Loy Clark Construction specializes in utility construction and underground infrastructure and other related services. Our all-encompassing construction services start before construction does. We work together with our customers to prepare a schedule, develop a staffing plan, analyze equipment needs, establish procurement needs and conduct a hazard analysis to develop a safety plan.

Natural Gas & Pipeline Construction

Our natural gas division specializes in utility construction, including underground distribution natural gas pipelines. The safety of our workers and the general public is of the utmost importance.

Our work includes the installation of distribution natural gas main lines, distribution lines and service line installations. We perform this work for several natural gas utility companies in the Pacific Northwest, including NW Natural, Avista Utilities and Cascade Natural Gas. We also perform work for homeowners and private businesses.

About Gas & Pipeline Construction

Horizontal Directional Drilling


Loy Clark Construction was one of the first companies to own and operate directional drills in the Portland metro area. Our exceptional performance has earned us a proven track record that speaks for itself within the HDD industry. Loy Clark employs some of the best drillers in the HDD field where there is no substitute for experience.

We specialize in small- to mid-range drills with the capability to bore from 1” to 20” in diameter with single or multiple pipe configurations and lengths of over 1,000 feet. Our crews work in all types of soil conditions, with the capability of drilling solid or fractured formations.

About Directional Drilling

Civil Underground

Civil Underground

Our underground utility infrastructure teams excel in open cut trench excavation, horizontal directional drilling, pipe missiles (hydraulic-powered “hole hogs”), cable plows, vacuum excavation and chain trenchers. We have the expertise to help you make the right decision and the experience to install your project correctly. We install underground infrastructure for power, natural gas, communication and fiber optic cable.

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Vacuum Excavation & Potholing

Loy Clark Vacuum excavation in Oregon

Loy Clark offers vacuum excavation and potholing in Portland and Washington regions. This trenchless technology is safe and environmentally-friendly. Our vacuum excavation units perform bore mud removal, small and large pit excavation, utility potholing, and vault and storm drain clean-outs. This technology provides the means to safely excavate around existing utilities to ensure they are not damaged.

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Ancillary Services


Our large fleet of excavation machines includes Caterpillar 420E rubber-tired backhoes and Caterpillar 304C rubber-tracked mini-excavators. Additionally, both machines are capable of large and small construction projects. We employ highly trained union journeymen equipment operators who all have years of experience in the underground utility construction industry.

We dispatch crews from our online dispatched order system for our larger customers. If your organization has the need for this type of order system, please contact us to find out what we can do for you.

About Ancillary Services

Cable Plowing

Loy Clark cable plowing in Oregon

In larger, open, soft-surface spaces, utility conduit and cable can be installed by a trenchless option known as cable plowing. In this method of underground utility construction, a machine cuts a small slot in the surface of the ground and places conduit or cable into that slot as the equipment rolls forward along the lane established for installation. The cable or conduit is placed on a reel mounted at the back of the machine and force-fed into the ground through the plowing process. The slot is then back-filled and compacted, showing very minimal disturbance to the site’s surface. Call us today to discuss how this option can benefit your project.

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