Due to Loy Clark’s diverse work duties and customer list, we have a division known as Ancillary Services that provides the necessary support to the primary activities and operation of our organization and to our customers.

Loy Clark prides itself as a solution provider, offering ancillary services to support all our inter-divisional and our customers’ project needs, which include the following.

Fleet Services and Equipment Dispatch

Loy Clark Construction owns a large fleet of excavation machines and employs a large, experienced group of equipment operators ready to deploy to your project. Our fleet is comprised of Caterpillar 420F rubber-tired backhoes and Caterpillar 305CR rubber-tracked mini-excavators. Both types of machines are capable of large and small construction projects. Most importantly, Loy Clark employs only highly trained union journeymen equipment operators who all have years of experience in the underground utility construction industry. When you call Loy Clark Construction for operated construction equipment, you will get the best, most experienced and most highly qualified operators available in the market.

Loy Clark is capable of dispatching crews from a web-based dispatched order system for our larger customers. If your organization has the need for this type of web-based order system, please contact us to find out what we can do for you.

Vacuum Excavation and Potholing Services

Loy Clark Construction owns and operates several vacuum excavation units that perform a wide range of duties, including bore mud removal, small and large pit excavation, and utility potholing. This technology provides the means to safely excavate around existing utilities to ensure they are not damaged during the excavation process.

Some clients use our vacuum excavation services to expose and locate existing utilities so they can be positively identified by type of utility, quantity of conduits/cables, size and depth. This information can be used to design new utility paths or even verify the condition of existing utilities. Vacuum excavation is a useful and safe way to excavate and will only increase in use to current and future legislation.

Our fleet of vacuum excavation units includes several trailer-mounted units and two mobile truck-mounted units that all have the capability of core drilling hard surfaces, backfilling potholes with granular material and reinstalling the core plug.

Loy Clark Construction has a new hydro-vac unit with even more powerful vacuum suction and a larger hose, which increases the overall hole depth and production capabilities of our vacuum excavation fleet.

Asphalt Paving and Concrete Restoration Services

Loy Clark Construction has several restoration crews that support our other divisions as well as our customers by providing asphalt concrete and concrete restoration services. This work includes restoring everyday potholes up to full trench-wide asphalt concrete patches in city streets and roadways.

Our concrete restoration services includes sidewalks, driveway approaches, curb and gutter, and concrete roadway panel replacement.

Loy Clark employs fully trained union craftsmen who are trained and capable of hard surface restoration.

Call us today for any of our support services for your home, business or upcoming project.