Loy Clark Construction was founded in 1957, thanks to an opportunity in the Portland, Oregon, region to work for Portland Coke and Gas, known today as NW Natural. Loy Clark Construction began by installing the distribution in and around the region we know today as Portland Metro. As this work progressed, we also were involved in the outlying service areas that included Vancouver, Washington, south to Eugene, Oregon, and west to the Oregon coastal towns within their service district.

Natural Gas Services

Today, Loy Clark Construction’s natural gas division specializes in the construction of underground natural gas distribution infrastructure, which requires a highly specialized trained labor force. The safety of our workers and the public is of the utmost importance to us. Therefore, we take safety training very seriously to ensure that no employees perform work for which they are not 100 percent qualified.

Our work includes the installation of distribution natural gas main lines, distribution lines and service line installations. Loy Clark performs this work for several natural gas utility companies in the Pacific Northwest, including NW Natural, Avista Utilities and Cascade Natural Gas.

Loy Clark is NW Natural’s distribution contractor of choice for NW Natural, for whom we do a majority of the company’s distribution system expansion. On average, we perform 10,000 new and conversion services to homes and businesses and install nearly 500,000 feet of gas main each year for NW Natural.

Serving Utilities, Businesses and Homeowners

Though many of our resources are dedicated to natural gas utility customers, we are not limited to providing service only to large utility companies. We also perform work for individual homeowners and both small and large private businesses, such as Intel Corporation. This type of work is just as important to us and we always provide outstanding customer service on our projects, regardless of size or scope.

Restoration Services

Many of our service installations require underground construction in front yards, public streets and new subdivisions. Loy Clark’s natural gas division prides itself with performing this work with the utmost professionalism, friendly customer service and excellent restoration services. We always leave an area looking at least as good as it did when we arrived, and better whenever possible. We are not satisfied until our customer is too!

Please contact us if we can be of assistance with any of your natural gas distribution needs.