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vacuum excavation and potholing truck

We work faster and safer with vacuum excavation and potholing. Our crews work more efficiently with less risk exposure using this low-impact approach to underground excavation. That saves our customers time and money.

Loy Clark Construction owns and operates several vacuum excavation units that perform a wide range of duties in the Portland metro and Washington region. Duties include bore mud removal, small and large pit excavation, and utility potholing. This technology provides the means to safely excavate around existing utilities to ensure they are not damaged.

Vacuum Excavation Benefits

Our fleet of vacuum excavation trucks and trailers excavate native fill material down to existing utilities. Vacuum excavating can verify the location of conflicting utilities and can be used by engineers looking to design new utilities around existing infrastructure. Many of our units have an on-board core saw, making work possible in hard surface locations. This handy tool can remove a round section of the existing asphalt or concrete, which is saved and replaced after work is complete.


Our fleet includes several trailer-mounted units and two mobile truck-mounted units that all have the capability of core drilling hard surfaces, backfilling potholes with granular material and reinstalling the core plug.

Loy Clark Construction’s new hydro-vac units have even more powerful vacuum suction and larger hoses, increasing the overall hole depth and production capabilities of our fleet.

Hire our crews on a daily or weekly basis, or talk to us about how we can support large, long-term projects.