Loy Clark Construction has been installing electrical underground infrastructure for almost as long as we have installed natural gas, a service that dates back to the inception of our company. We have had a continuous contractual relationship with Portland General Electric (PGE) for more than 40 years. During that four-decade period, we have become leaders and one of PGE’s preferred contractors to install underground power infrastructure within the central business district of Portland, Oregon.

PGE Level 3 Contractor

Due to our experience level, PGE designated Loy Clark Construction a Level 3 rating. That enables us to install their most critical underground infrastructure. The Level 3 rating allows us to install the largest of PGE’s electrical vaults and duct banks. This rating is seldom granted and is an honor that we take very seriously to maintain and uphold.

Loy Clark also performs similar work for PacifiCorp, installing similar vault and underground power infrastructure.

Power and Communication Infrastructure

Because of our experience gained from both PGE and PacifiCorp, we can perform underground power and communication infrastructure for developers, general contractors and first tier electrical subcontractors. For these types of projects, Loy Clark is able to install vaults sized up to and including PacifiCorp’s class A panel vaults to PGE’s 1024, 1022, 1020, 1018, 818, 816, 612 and 5106-sized vaults.

The electrical duct banks for these types of projects range from multiple 12” HDPE conduit to the more common eight-inch, six-inch, four-inch and two-inch duct banks that are often encased in controlled-density fill.

Complicated obstructions, such as existing utilities, subsurface structures, railroad beds and other unforeseen situations, are often encountered but we are able to surpass them, thanks to our vast experience and expertise.

Our civil underground work is not limited to electrical infrastructure. Loy Clark has a vast amount of experience installing the same vaults and multiple duct bank packages for communication companies, including CenturyLink, Comcast, Frontier, Zayo, Level 3 and On Fiber, to name just a few.

Often times our crews are able to install communication infrastructure in the same trench in which the electrical is being installed. This increases the efficiencies of both costs and duration on the project

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